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Welcome to Beatmeup.com complaint center.

Beatmeup.com does not permit or solicit illegal content, and Beatmeup.com takes complaints
very serious.

If you believe there is illicit content on Beatmeup.com please send an email to compliance@beatmeup.com.
Beatmeup.com administrative staff will go over the complaints, and in accordance with the Terms and conditions decide the validity of the complaint. The decision will be made in 7 days. After the decision has been made, the user may appeal the decision within 24 hours.

Potential outcomes of any investigation are thus:
If Beatmeup.com deem the complaint valid, then appropriate action will be taken, such as content removal and prosecution where
punishable by law. If Beatmeup.com conclude that a complaint be malicious and with nefarious intent, legal action may be taken
against the slanderer.